If you have a disability, we can help you learn to ski or improve your technique.

We insure supervision and teaching for disabled skiers (sensory or physical disability, learning difficulties, blind or partially sighted).
  • The instructor can take 100% of the control of the activity (including getting on and off lifts) or help you towards skiing independently
  • Family members or friends can attend the lesson to ski together.
  • We provide the necessary equipment (chair dualski de TESSIER and stabilo SUPERLITE) and it is included in the price of the lesson. Our specialized chair is suitable for anyone aged 2 to 82, and weighing from 10 to 105 kg!
  • For booking or information, contact us at info@esf-tignes.com
During February school holidays, you must book 5 sessions of privilege lessons minimum (depending on availability)

Handiski course's price

Lessons begin on Sunday or Monday and end on Friday.
Basse Saison15/02 - 15/03
6 days1 980,00 €2 160,00 €
6 mornings (3h 00)960,00 €1 050,00 €
6 afternoons (2h 45)864,00 €960,00 €
1 whole day335,00 €365,00 €
A 4 h lesson211,00 €227,00 €
A 3 h lesson163,00 €179,00 €
A 2 h 45 afternoon lesson147,00 €163,00 €