Insurance - Carré Neige

To enjoy your winter sport holiday with peace of mind, be insured!

The ESF in Tignes Le Lac recommend the Carré Neige Insurance to offer you peace of mind when participating in winter sports activities. It gives you all the insurance, guarantees and assistance necessary in case of an accident during your stay. With Carré Neige, you get the expertise of the best sector professionals and comprehensive benefits, relief on the pistes, transfer via ambulance and reimbursement packages.

Make sure you and your family are protected and limit the costs that an accident in the mountains can quickly escalate to.

How much does Carré neige insurance cost?

Less than €17 per person per week. Price per day and per person = €2.80, 1 week = €16.80, or a flat rate of €22.40 from 8 to 21 days.

Price per day and per person: €2.80

Is Carré Neige worth the price in terms of coverage ?

Yes. If you have an accident:

The advantages of the carré neige insurance

Ski lessons Reimbursement*

* for more information, visit the Carré Neige website:

How long does it take to receive reimbursement from Carré Neige?

If your dossier is complete, you should receive a reimbursement within 20 days (this timescale is for guidance only and may be longer during peak periods for ski resorts).