carré neige integral insurance

Remember to make sure you have insurance for the duration of your stay

ESF Tignes Le Lac offers the Carré Neige to provide you with all the necessary insurance and assistance guarantees both in the event of an accident during your stay, and in the event of being unable to travel before your stay. With Carré Neige, you benefit from the skills of the best professionals in the sector and from comprehensive services, from on-piste assistance to reimbursement of packages and ambulance transportation. Please ensure your protection but also that of your family and limit the costs that, in event of an accident in the mountains,  can quickly reach peaks.

How much can I arrange it and what does it cost?

At the ESF Tignes Le Lac, insurance Carré Neige is offered with lessons of 5 or 6 days when booking your course in the form of an optional add-on. 
You can also take out this insurance directly from our sales agents, or at the lift pass offices when you arrive in the resort.
Single day  price Child / Teen / Adult: € 3.60 / day.

Single price Child / Teen / Adult: € 3.60 / day.