Advice and recommendations

Our recommendations when taking lessons or activities with ESF


For any reservation, please read take note of our general conditions of sale.


The smooth running of a course/ lesson depends on the instructor but also on YOU:
  • Arrive in advance at the meeting point that is indicated on your lesson card. You must be in possession of your lesson card at all sessions even for private lessons.
  • If you choose a package with lift pass, your magnetic lift pass card should be placed in the left pocket of your jacket which operates the gates to each lift.
  • The participation in a lesson does not exclude a certain autonomy from the student. The pupil must therefore personally take care of their own safety and not have complete dependence on the instructor. Please listen and follow instruction.


Remember to equip your child correctly according to their needs because the equipment is not provided by ESF,
  • Children must come to equipped to lessons (skis, helmet, boots, googles, mittens etc.).
  • No poles until the 1st star class.
  • If your child needs to access the slopes, please equip them with a lift pass.


  • The price of children's group lessons may be reduced by 5 € if you do not want the medal. For your information, all monies collected for medals is donated to the ESF rescue fund of Tignes Le Lac.
  • On Friday, the last 15 minutes of the lessons will be devoted to the week's assessment and the results of the stars with the children and their instructors.
  • Reservations must be made at least 15 days before the start of classes. Otherwise please visit our offices upon arrival in resort.
  • Lesson times and schedules can be modified during the season by the ESF management.
  • Weather conditions and ski lift failures can not be attributed to the instructors.
  • If actual lesson times are reduced for reasons beyond our control. No refunds are made.